Christmas Special: a Law Tale (3): Bring in the Elves


Not even COVID can stop Santa's expansion plans. Having successfully set up Magic Toys Limited in the UK and being granted a Sponsor Licence, its time to bring in Santa's little helpers. 

The Elves and the new recruits will be employed by Magic Toys Limited and therefore the Company will need to ensure that their current employment contracts have clauses covering the following matters: 

-  Intellectual Property and Copyright 

-  Confidentiality 

-  work place and working hours 

-  salary, allowances, bonuses and benefits

-  Visa repayment agreements for workers sponsored by Magic Toys Limited   

Magic Toys Limited also needs to ensure that they have updated HR employment policies in place which comply with UK laws such as: 

- modern slavery policy 

- confidential and social media policy 

- non-discrimination policy (Elves and humans will be treated fairly and equally) 

- remote workers policy 

- sickness and COVID policy 

Santa has a trusted team of highly skilled elves. They are currently based in the North Pole and each will soon be managers in a different branch around the world. This is so that they can pass on their vast knowledge of management, toys manufacturing, reindeer care routine and stable management. 

Alabaster Snowball and Bushy Evergreen have been assigned to Magic Toys Limited: 

Alabaster will be responsible for developing a software to sift through children's letters and updating the Santa's naughty and nice list. His official job title will be Software Developer Manager. Alabaster's role will be a 1 year assignment and he has no plans to settle in the UK. 

Bushy will be the team leader of the toy manufacturing department. His official job title will be Operations Manager; he will oversee training, recruitment, production and quality control. Bushy's role will be permanent and this suits him because he has always admired the UK, especially the Royal family. He always wanted to have afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth II.

Both Alabaster and Bushy will be tasked with building their teams and deliver high standard of service. 

Alabaster will be sponsored on the Intra-Company Transfer route which does not lead to settlement in the UK. Bushy will be sponsored under the Skilled Worker route; he will be eligible to settle in the UK with no visa conditions after 5 years. 

A third Elf, Mr Wunorse Openslae who is in charge of reindeer care and stable management will travel to the UK for meetings and deliver training when needed; he will travel on a business visitor visa. 

When Alabaster and Bushy arrive in the UK, they waste no time in supporting the recruitment drive to hire new employees and provide on-going training, in-time for Christmas. 

Magic Toys Limited is inundated with applicants from experienced and highly skilled candidates wanting to work for them. Alabaster has already developed a software to sift through the millions of applications and offered millions of jobs to UK residents; all of whom passed the special and secret Elf training. 

Whilst children around the UK are tucked inside their bed, counting down the days to Christmas; the UK Elves team work day and night making magical toys at lightning speed. 

The next hurdle for Magic Toys Limited is that they need to give careful thought as to what things they can do to ensure that they keep their reputation so that they attract the best workers (with a can-do attitude) and to retain them, ready for the next Christmas rush. 

Stay tuned to the next Christmas law tale .... Merry Christmas everyone  

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