Post Christmas Special: The final Instalment (4): Bad Santa


After a successful launch of Magic Toys Limited, it was time for Santa to celebrate. All presents were delivered on time and everyone is happy with what they got. So it is now time to let loose and relax. Usually, Santa hosts his parties on a private basis - due to the nature of the magical attendees and the presence of sensitive corporate information, no pictures are allowed to be taken and there can be no social media connected to the event.

Unfortunately, two photographs have now emerged on social media. One photo depicts Santa very drunk on the London Underground, mooning at a passenger. If that wasn't bad enough, Santa was also not  wearing a face mask. The second depicts Santa being arrested by the British Transport Police. 

So how does this image affect Santa? 

1. Criminal charges? 

Santa will firstly need to consider whether there will be any criminal charges  brought against him. The allegations against him are that he was being drunk and disorderly and indecently exposing himself.

At the police station, Santa will be entitled to free representation. If Santa is charged with one or more offences, Santa may receive a criminal conviction if found guilty at Court. 

Having a criminal conviction clearly will cause issues with Santa's reputation and also his immigration status. But even if he is not convicted, Santa's character has now potentially become tainted and therefore this alone may have serious repercussions for him.

2. Reputation Management 

Santa rallied up his best Public Relations team to manage this incident. Santa immediately addressed the public and gave a heartfelt apology for his actions. The PR team must now carefully strategize and execute the best plan to manage Santa's image and Magic Toys Limited reputation. 

3. Immigration issues 

Unfortunately, the Home Office will take a harsh approach when Santa comes to renew his visa. The Home Office may refuse Santa's application to extend his stay in the UK if they consider Santa to be a someone not of good character. Santa will be required to provide a lot of documentary evidence to support the fact that this is a 'blip' and it should not be held against him. The problem will still persist beyond his extension application as it may become relevant again when he comes to apply for permanent residence or citizenship. It will all depend on the sentence given to Santa (if convicted). 

Thankfully, the UK public found the photo amusing and Santa's apology was sufficient in addressing any PR concerns. No charges were brought against Santa; the passenger didn't want to prosecute, Santa was actually wearing a clear face shield and the police decided to give him a simple warning. 

A rocky start for Santa when it comes to 2022; his New Year Resolution is to drink less starting with Dry January! 

Hope you enjoyed reading the Christmas Law Tale series! 

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